It’s a shame how much of a burden money can be in your life.

People like to say that money isn’t everything, but it’s amazing how much life sucks when you don’t have money for an extended period of time.

Stress, anger, disappointment, and embarrassment are just some of the things you feel when you’re constantly fighting money issues every single week.

Struggle.co was created to help you stop having those feelings, not by making you believe that money isn’t important.

Because money is very important.

You should stop having those feelings because you control your money, it doesn’t control you.

Paul Scrivens look suave on a blue chair.


My name is Paul Scrivens and I run this joint. I also run a number of other joints under the Odd Noodle brand.

For the longest time, I sucked with money.

I sucked at making it.

I sucked at saving it.

I was great at spending it, but that’s all you do then you’ll struggle.

I’m not one to pretend that money isn’t everything. It’s right up there with oxygen.

I help people do better with money. That’s why this site exists. If this sounds like something you want to do better with then take a look around.

Or if you want a starting point then find out how I make over $50,000 a month online.

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